Providing logistical and support services in cultural exchange and international education since 2007.

Based in Dallas, Texas with a satellite office in Siena, Italy, NCV provides logistical services to international study programs, groups and individuals looking to expand their horizons.  Whether it be serving as an intermediary for studying abroad in Siena, Italy or organizing cultural exchanges and study trips to Brussels or Guayaquil, NCV provides the leg work so our clients can hit the ground running.


Our Services

Nove Culturae Ventures operates primarily as a service oriented business in support of international study or learning experiences, for groups or individuals of all ages and origins. We act as an intermediary with professionals and structures in a number of international locations, allowing us to assist our clients in creating custom learning or exploratory experiences.

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Where do we operate?

United States and Italy are our main areas of expertise, however our destination sites are continually evolving. Trips and cultural programs to a number of sites in Europe, South and Central America comprise our expanding portfolio.


Get going…

If you’ve always wanted to get that idea off the ground and on to an airplane, NCV can help you. This could be anything from an exploratory trip with your book club, teaching your photography course abroad, or a reunion trip with with your pals.


We make it easy to connect with where you are headed.


What makes us special?

NCV acts as a link to the most genuine resources of the territory, from passionate local professors and guides to access to special events and off-the-beaten-path trips.