Logistical support services

For international education programs looking to streamline their operations, NCV can offer the following services:

  • Interface with clients/students pre-arrival

  • airport pick up

  • trip/excursion organization

  • contracting with local professors of a wide array of subjects

  • arranging host-family accommodations

  • locating structures to host courses

  • locating accommodations

Custom programming

For pre-formed groups of learners, NCV can arrange customized educational experiences on a wide range of topics thanks to an extensive network of local experts.

From arranging accommodations in home-stays or B&Bs to organizing courses and corresponding excursions to nearby ruins, museums or cultural events, let NCV and its affiliates be your host and help to create an unforgettable educational or travel experience. 


NCV also provides recruiting services for schools or organizations abroad looking to recruit students or groups coming from the USA.